How to fix a broken floor tile

As you well know, one of the advantages of tiles is that they can be used for endless things, and yes, also for kitchen floors.

Although a tiled kitchen floor looks great, it is also important to know that it is one of the places in your home where minor accidents are more likely. And the point is that, if your floor is tiled, there are times when they can break a little when something falls on it.

But don't worry, this post is to teach you a trick in case that happens to you. Clever?

What do I do if a tile on the kitchen floor breaks?

To do this you will use a material called epoxy and that you can easily buy. The first thing to do is clean the surface that has been broken , and remove any remaining cement. If you don't have the missing piece, patch and fill the entire hole with epoxy and wait for it to dry. To make it even, sand it down when it's dry .

Create a mixture that is homogeneous with the two elements that you will find in the epoxy, and knead it well so that the mixture is a single color , and when you have it, fill all the hole well.

It is important that the dough is completely flat, filling in the space that the tile lacks. If you need it, use a small spatula or similar to make everything flat.

Then, when the surface is very flat and dry, you will have to apply a glaze with a ceramic finish to protect it and not be a darker color. And sure, the tile may not be the color of the epoxy, but you can always stain it with a universal stain. In this way, you can put the patch more or less the color of the tile, so that everything is seen evenly.

The last thing you should do is cover the tile with the glaze , but let it dry well.

By doing this that we show you, you can fix any tile that breaks off the floor.

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